The remarkable internationalization of our business, together with the growing importance of the foreign emerging markets, pushed our company to seek for different strategies to fulfil the needs of our customers and approach new markets.
This new strategy leaded to the establishment of subsidiaries in different countries of the world, by mean of joint ventures with local partners.

inter india


In 2007, we founded our first joint venture in India (Mumbai), Tomasetto Achille India Pvt. Ltd., with the aim to enlarge our presence in the subcontinent by manufacturing and distributing LPG and CNG traditional reducers, LPG multivalves, CNG cylinder and filling valves, at competitive price with the highest possible quality, assured by the support and experience of the Italian headquarter.

inter arg


In 2010, the same venture was implemented in Argentina (Buenos Aires), with the establishment of a new subsidiary, TecnoFabrica Srl, with the target to serve one of the most important CNG market of the world with local manufactured CNG valves and reducers.

Our presence overseas and our export activities are the evidence of the efforts of our company to reinforce the presence in new emerging markets with local partnership in order to be able to fulfil the request of new customers and always provide the best service in terms of timing and quality.