CNG Regulators Model AT20 Single-stage

One-stage regulator for CNG sequential injection systems

Tomasetto CNG pressure reducer model AT20 is a single stage pressure reducer for sequential injection systems, provided with inlet high pressure solenoid valve.
Compact and very reliable, it is homologated in accordance with ECE R110. The outlet pressure is adjustable from 0.15 to 0.25 MPa to always obtain the best performance.
The integrated counter-thrust system consists of an interchangeable cartridge, which allows the compensation of the inlet pressure. This technology allows the Tomasetto Achille AT20 CNG reducer to have a constant outlet pressure, both in full and empty tank conditions, despite having a single regulation stage.
Category: SKU: RMAT4100


Type of product CNG sequential reducer
Material Forged brass body
Weight 1,1 kg
Dimensions (mm) 105x112x99 mm
Max inlet pressure 26 MPa (260 bar)
Outlet pressure Adjustable from 1.5 to 2.5 bar
Coil power 12 V DC (24 V upon request)
Coil voltage 17 W
Coil connection AMP Superseal (Faston upon request)
Inlet connection M12x1 pipe Ø 6 mm
Outlet connection For rubber pipe Ø 12.5 mm
Engine power up to 100 kW
Coolant liquid connection For rubber pipe Ø 8 mm
MAP connection For rubber pipe Ø 6 mm
Homologation temperature -40° C/ +120° C