New CNG reducer AT12 v.2019

Nuovo riduttore metano AT12 v.2019 The new version 2019 of our CNG reducer model AT12 for sequential injection systems is now available. In the new version 2019, the main body shape has been modified in order to improve the heating circuit and to allow, if required, the use of bigger water fittings. This new version also has some…

New layout of the AT07 LPG reducer

New layout of the AT07 LPG reducer in the last months, our R&D department performed a restyling on AT07 LPG reducer, changing the location of the sensitivity adjusting screw, from the sideward position, in the previous version, to the frontal position in the new one.Please refer to the attached pictures.

Riduttore GPL AT13 XP

New LPG reducer AT13 XP

New LPG reducer AT13 XP EXTRA POWER – EXTRA PRESSURE – EXTRA PERFORMANCES The new LPG reducer AT13 XP is an improved version of the former AT13, designed for high power engines based on the same concept as NORDIC XP reducer.Features and advantages of this model: Ability to power bigger engines No need to connect an additional…