Assembly departments Tomasetto Achille Spa - Tomasetto Achille Spa
Quality components for LPG and CNG automotive systems
100% made in Italy

Assembly Departments

All Tomasetto products are assembled in dedicated departments, one for each family of product (Multivalves, Reducers, CNG Valves and Injectors, Subassemblies and Accessories), organized according to the principles of the lean manufacturing.
Assembly is carried out by assembly machines, with high technologies, performed on manual and automatic lines, with special testing equipment, where specific leakage and functional tests are performed on 100% of the production. The subassemblies are manufactured and tested internally with the same procedures on assembly machines with revolving tables.
The main components for the manufacturing of our products (turned parts, die-castings, plastic parts, rubber parts, etc.) are purchased from highly specialized and reliable suppliers, mostly located in the North East of Italy.