Histroy of Tomasetto Achille Spa - Milestones - Tomasetto Achille Spa
Quality components for LPG and CNG automotive systems
100% made in Italy

  • Company establishment

    Creation of the company by Mr. Achille Tomasetto at his own place for the manufacturing of CNG traditional reducers and spare parts for LPG reducers (1 person, 20 m2 shed)

  • Company growing

    Export to New Zealand and South America (4 people)

  • New products

    Launch of the multi-functional valves MTE88 for LPG tanks (20 people)

  • Towards the eastern Europe markets

    European Homologation for LPG multivalve MTE88

  • New Headquarter

    First manufacturing site in Castegnero, 30 people

  • The great growth: new markets & new products

    Boom of the export to Turkey, Argentina and Eastern Europe; new version of multi-functional valves for LPG tanks and new LPG reducer (100 people)

  • New Headquarter & Asian Markets

    Opening of the current headquarters (120 people). Growth in Asian markets

  • The CNG era

    Launch of the CNG valves range and of the CNG sequential reducer

  • The world

    47 million euro turnover, 85% export, gold medal for export by the Chamber of Commerce

  • On the crest of a wave

    85% export, 140 people, 1.5 million multivalves and reducers exported in more than 40 Countries. The company continues to grow and look at the future

  • The SPRINT era

    Introduction of the new multivalve platform called SPRINT and the new range of LPG reducers

  • Record breaking year

    2 million valves and reducers sold in over 40 countries all over the world. Effective investments made in high-tech production machineries.