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New models Alaska Super, Artic v.2014 and Antartic Super

Tomasetto Achille Spa has been able to corner the market in all these years thanks to the quality of its production and all the efforts of those customers promoting its products. To take on the new challenges of this changing industry, we are glad to inform you about the re-designing of our LPG sequential reducers range, which will enable us to hit it bigger with you.

The new ALASKA SUPER reducer is an evolution of the current Alaska model and it has been developed with the aim of addressing the average power raise of the cars. The concept does not differ from the standard Alaska version, but present a fluid dynamic optimization of the pneumatic circuit, which allows an increase in the reducer flow rate of 10%. Both Alaska and Alaska Super models will be available on the Tomasetto range

A new version of the Artic reducer has also been developed, which replaces the present one. The new reducer, ARTIC v.2014, is characterized by a pre-heating stage in die-cast aluminum instead of brass. In the new version, the setting valve has also been modified, by increasing the passage from 4 to 5mm, as in the ALASKA SUPER reducer, in order to increase the flow rate.

Following to the valuable reports from the field reported by our customers, Tomasetto Achille decided to implement some improvements in the design of the AT13 reducer. The new version, named ANTARTIC SUPER, will completely replace the current «standard» one:

  1. Bushing stem guide re-design, aimed at facilitating the component replacement during the maintenance operations and o-ring material change, aimed at reinforcing the rubber from acids LPG attacks
  2. Introduction of a protection for the diaphragm ventilation
  3. Water circuit re-design, now composed by an additional heating stage aimed at increasing the reducer performances