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CNG Reducers Model AT12 v.2019

Reducer for sequential injection systems

Tomasetto CNG pressure reducer model AT12 is a 2 stages pressure reducer for sequential injection systems.
Compact and very reliable, it is homologated in accordance with ECE R110, approved in accordance with Enargas, Inmetro and other local regulations, and complies with ISO 15500 standards.
The outlet pressure is adjustable from 0.12 to 0.25 MPa to obtain always the best performance.
The reducer inlet is provided with an adjustable swivel fitting, which has the connection for pressure manometer.
In the new version "year 2019", main body shape has been modified in order to improve heating circuit and to allow the use of bigger water fittings d.16 mm (when needed); it is also possible to put water fittings in 2 different layouts (parallel or at 90° like in previous version)  with the aim to ease the installation.
Tomasetto CNG AT12 pressure reducers is avaiable in two versions: STANDARD and SUPER.


Model AT12 Standard version is a 2 stages reducer, equipped with a low pressure solenoid valve (to be used with in-line CNG Cut-Off valve).


Model AT12 super version is a 2 stages reducer, equipped with an integrated high pressure solenoid valve at the inlet. This version allows not to use an in-line solenoid valve in the system and gives higher performances, in terms of gas flow.


Type of product CNG sequential reducer CNG sequential reducer
Material Die cast aluminium body Die cast aluminium body
Weight 1.45 kg 1.77 kg
Dimensions (mm) 120x150x155 mm 110x155x175 mm
Max inlet pressure 26 MPa (260 bar) 26 MPa (260 bar)
1st stage pressure 0.60 Mpa (6 bar) 0,60 Mpa (6 bar)
Outlet pressure * adjustable from 120 to 250 kPa adjustable from 120 to 250 kPa
Coil voltage ** 12 V DC 12 V DC
Coil power 17 W 15 W
Coil connection Fast-on (AMP upon request) AMP Minitimer or AMP Superseal
Inlet Connection M12x1 pipe Ø 6 mm M12x1 pipe Ø 6 mm
Outlet connection *** Fixed fitting Ø 12,5 mm Fixed fitting Ø 12,5 mm
Engine power **** up to 125 kW up to 250 kW
Working temperature -40° C/+120° C -40° C/+120° C
Water fitting Ø 8 mm (Ø 16 mm upon request) Ø 8 mm (Ø 16 mm upon request)
* referred to the MAP
** upon request 24 V DC
*** upon request ø10.5 mm
**** maximum value reachable with ideal system and ambient conditions