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CNG cylinder valves VM05 Automatic

CNG cylinder automatic valve

CNG automatic cylinder valves VM05 are homologated in accordance with the European Regulations ECE R110 and R10 and in compliance with the ISO15500 standards. They are also approved in accordance with the ENARGAS NAG 415 and NAG 417.
Valve VM05 is provided with manual tap, excess flow valve and solenoid valve and can be equipped both with integrated or separeted safety devices (thermofuse T-PRD and burst disc). It also includes a connection for valve ventilation and is supplied with rubber protection for cylinder thread

Material Hot forged brass CNC machined
Weight 1.18 kg
Type of product High pressure CNG cylinder valve
Max. working pressure 26.0 MPa
Working temperature -40°C / +85 °C
T-PRD activation temperature +108 °C ± 6 °C
Burst disc, Burst pressure (T 20°C) * 34 MPa ± 10%
Manual tap,Opening/closing angle 900° (270° upon request)
Excess flow valve, ΔP for activation 0.65 MPa
Pipe connection M12x1 pipe Ø 6 mm
Cylinder thread DIN (25E), upon request BS, NGT
Coil voltage 12 V DC (upon request 24 V)
Coil power 15 W
Coil connection AMP Minitimer or AMP Superseal