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LPG Multivalves Model AT00 SPRINT

In conformity with previous European Regulation ECE 67R-00

The new LPG multivalve AT00 SPRINT is the evolution of the former AT00 model, designed with the double aim of further optimize the features of the existing AT00 model and also differentiate body’s shape from similar products.

This new version differs for a lighter body with the the same mechanical features and a new 80% valve with integrated non-return valve.
Together with an easier direct inlet connection, there is a new sensor holder and a new compact mechanical level indicator with fast fixing

The AT00 SPRINT model is available both in Standard and Extra version, equipped with bigger internal passages

Tomasetto multivalves model AT00 SPRINT are available for the most common types of LPG tanks, both cylindrical and toroidal and in a personalized version upon request

Material Hot forged brass Hot forged brass
Weight 0,55 kgs 0,55 kgs
PRV setting 2.5 MPa (25 bar)** 2.5 MPa (25 bar)**
PRV flow rate 21,1 Stm3/min 21,1 Stm3/min
Filling speed 18 lt/min @ 10 bar 18 lt/min @ 10 bar
Inlet connection M12x1 pipe Ø 8mm M12x1 pipe Ø 8mm
Outlet connection M12x1 pipe Ø 6mm M12x1 pipe Ø 8mm
Automatic 80% level stop Yes Yes
Excess flow valve Yes Yes
Outlet manual valve Yes Yes
* Values referred to the homologation tests
** Other settings upon request