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LPG Reducers Model AT09 NORDIC & NORDIC XP

Reducer for sequential injection systems with integrated filter

The AT09 Nordic reducers, the latest evolution of the AT09 sequential reducers family, has been designed with the aim of further improving the performance compared to the other AT09 Alaska and Artic reducers, thanks to the improved heating circuit and the higher support engines power, up to 125kW.
This reducer differs on the integral body, the complete separation of the water and gas circuits, the improved gas circuit and the deeper water circuit, which allows a better heat exchange. This reducer also has the possibility to increase or decrease the heating thanks to some optional inserts.

The model AT09 Nordic is also available in the NORDIC XP version, equipped with a double membrane system, that allows to get an increase of the LPG outlet pressure when increasing the engine load (Dynamic Pressure Compensation).

This system allows to support engines with higher power (up to 180 kW), giving an higher outlet pressure able to support the good working of the injectors, with an optimal carburation control and the improvement of the calibration process.

AT09 Nordic maintenance kit: RGAT2085
AT09 Nordic XP maintenance kit: RGAT2086

Type of product LPG sequential reducer LPG sequential reducer
Material Die cast aluminium body Die cast aluminium body
Weight 1.30 kg 1.50 kg
Dimensions (mm) 120x125x105 mm 120x125x115 mm
Max inlet pressure 3 MPa (30 bar) 3 MPa (30 bar)
Outlet pressure * adjustable from 90 to 180 kPa adjustable from 90 to 180 kPa
Coil voltage 12 V DC 12 V DC
Coil power 17 W 17 W
Coil connection Fast-on (AMP on request) Fast-on (AMP on request)
Inlet Connection M10x1 pipe Ø 6 mm M12x1 pipe Ø 8 mm
Outlet connection Fixed fitting Ø 12 mm Fixed fitting Ø 12 mm
Engine power up to 125 kW up to 180 kW
* referred to the MAP