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LPG Reducers Model AT13 ANTARTIC

Reducer for sequential injection systems with high performances

Tomasetto reducer model AT13 ANTARTIC is homologated in accordance with the European Regulation ECE 67R-01.

New model AT13 Antartic Super is a single stage electronic reducer for sequential injection systems, designed with a new concept in order to increase the range of power and permit very high performances.
Antartic Super reducer is provided with an additional heating stage, in order to give best performances and allows big LPG flow rates maintaining a very stable exit pressure in every condition.
Like model AT09, it is equipped with solenoid valve and integrated inlet filter unit, to reduce overall costs and to permit easier and faster installation.

Type of product LPG sequential reducer
Material Die-cast aluminium body
Weight 1.50 kg
Dimensions (mm) 120x160x115 mm
Max inlet pressure 3 MPa (30 bar)
Outlet pressure * from 100 to 250 kPa
Coil voltage 12 V DC
Coil power 17 W
Coil connection Fast-on (amp on request)
Inlet connection M12x1 pipe Ø 8 mm
Outlet connection Fixed fitting Ø 12.5 mm ***
Engine power ** up to 250 kW
LPG flow rate ** up to 62 kg/h
Working temperature -20° C/+120° C
* referred to the MAP
** maximum value reachable with ideal system and ambient conditions
*** starting from August 2017