New CNG reducer AT12 v.2019

The new version 2019 of our CNG reducer model AT12 for sequential injection systems is now available.
In the new version 2019, the main body shape has been modified in order to improve the heating circuit and to allow, if required, the use of bigger water fittings.
This new version also has some internal improvements on some components, in particular to allow an easier maintainability of the 2nd stage.

Features and advantages of this model:

  • possibility to put water fittings in 2 different layouts (parallel or at 90°, like in previous version), with the aim to ease the installation process. No need to connect an additional pipe
  • improved heating circuit
  • swivel inlet fitting with connention for manometer G 1/4"
  • larger water fitting Ø 16 mm (standard water fittings are still Ø 8 mm like previous version).

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