CNG filling valves VM04 Russia

Manual Filling Valve Russian type

CNG Manual Filling valves type RUSSIA have been developed for Eastern Europe and Central Asia markets and are equipped with manual tap and easy discharge tap.
They are available in two different models:
STANDARD, with M12x1 outlet connection pipe, d.6mm
EXTRA, with M14x1 outlet connection pipe, d.8mm
VM04 RUSSIA accessories:
VM1024 Accessories bag Ø6 mm
VM1037 Accessories bag Ø8 mm
VM1022 Filling valve iron fixing shaft


Material Hot forged brass CNC machined Hot forged brass CNC machined
Weight 0,65 kg 0,60 kg
Tipy of product CNG manual filling valve CNG manual filling valve
Max working pressure 260 bar 260 bar
Manual tap, opening/closing angle 270° 270°
Non return valve no no
Pipe outlet connection M12x1 pipe Ø 6 mm M14x1 pipe Ø 8 mm
External connection 1/2” G 1/2” G