IT01 BRAVO injector rail with Cartridge system

Injector rail for LPG and CNG sequential systems with “Cartridge system”

The IT01 BRAVO rail injector is a new model of the IT01 family and has been developed in order to obtain higher performances and reliability. IT 01 BRAVO rail injector is homologated according to ECE 67R-01 and 110R  Regulations and is available in 2-, 3- and 4-cylinders versions.
Its new all-in-one internal cores (“cartridge”) assure fast opening and closing times, longer life and easy maintenance, thanks to the plug&play concept: it indeed does not require the setting of solenoid core, assuring the performance of the injector also after the maintenance process, sparing difficult calibration processes and dedicated setting machinery.
The rail’s body is made by a special polymer and is just a manifold for full metal internal cores (cartridges). The calibrated nozzles are screwed directly on the cartridge outlet.
IT01 BRAVO injector rail accessories:
IT01 BRAVO injector all-in-one internal cores (“cartridge“)


Approvals 110R-00 and 67R-01 (-40°C / +120 °C)
Body material Special polymer
Working pressure 0,5 ÷ 2 bar
Max opening pressure 4 bar
Power supply 11 ÷ 14 V
Coil resistence 1.8 Ω ± 5%  (@20°C)
Coil connector type Amp Superseal (IP67)
Driver Peak & Hold
Holding current 2 A
Opening/Closing time 3.1/1.6 ms (@ΔP=1 bar, 25°C, 13.5 V with Ø3 mm nozzle)
Minimum injection pulse 3 ms (@ΔP=1 bar, 25°C, 13.5 V )
Suggested peak current time 3.6 ms
Power handling capability LPG 35 kW/cyl (@ΔP=1 bar, 25°C with Ø3 mm nozzle)
Power handling capability CNG 30 kW/cyl (@ΔP=2 bar, 25°C with Ø3 mm nozzle)
Static flow rate (with 3mm nozzle) for 1 single injector at 20°C (with air) 112 Nl/min. at 1 bar inlet pressure
Inlet gas fitting For rubber hose Ø12 mm
Outlet gas fitting For rubber hose Ø6 mm
Nozzle size from Ø1.5 mm to Ø3 mm (step 0.25)