LPG Regulator Model AT10

Electronic regulator for 2-wheelers and little vehicles (traditional applications)

LPG reducer model AT10 is a 2 stages electronic reducer, suitably developed for applications on motorbikes and small vehicles, with LPG withdrawal in vapour phase (this reducer is not provided with heating circuit).
The reducer is homologated as per the ECE 67R-01, is really compact and equipped with an integrated solenoid valve, that reduces hindrance, permitting an easier and faster installation.
This reducer is designed exclusively for two-wheeler and small three-wheelers applications. Upon request, it is also available the version with pressure switch (no solenoid).AT10 maintenance kit: RGAT2095
Category: SKU: RGAT3950A


Version AT10 Electronic AT10 with Pressure Switch
Type of product LPG regulator for small motorbikes and 3-wheelers in vapour phase LPG regulator for small engines
Material Die-cast aluminium body Die-cast aluminium body
Weight 0,84 kg 0,66 kg
Dimensions 130x120x60 mm 130x120x60 mm
Max inlet pressure 3 MPa (30 bar) 3 MPa (30 bar)
Outlet pressure depending on the mixer depending on the mixer
Coil voltage 12 V DC no coil
Coil power 6 W
Coil connection Fast-on (AMP upon request)
Inlet connection M10x1 pipe Ø 6 mm M10x1 pipe Ø 6 mm
Outlet connection Fixed fitting Ø 8 mm Fixed fitting Ø 8 mm
Engine power up to 15 kW up to 15 kW