All Tomasetto Achille products are developed internally by our Technical Department, tested in our laboratories and industrialized, with special focus on the efficiency of production processes.

Forty years of experience, combined with high technical skills and cooperation with highly specialized suppliers, allow Tomasetto Achille to produce high quality, durable and reliable products at competitive costs and to meet the specific customer requirements.

Use of 3D CAD software with FEM simulation and CFD fluid dynamics and rapid prototyping techniques permit to evaluate the best technical solutions at all stages of the design.

Assembly Departments

All Tomasetto products are assembled in our facilities located in Castegnero, in dedicated departments, one for each family of product. Each department structure is based on the principles of lean manufacturing.

The assembly is carried out with technological equipments, in both automatic and manual lines, equipped with special testing jigs where 100% accurate tightness and functional checks are performed.

The sub-assemblies are likewise produced and tested internally, on high-automated specific machines.

All our components (turned parts, molded parts, castings, plastic parts, rubber parts, etc.) come from highly specialized external suppliers, for the most part located in the North East of Italy.

Mechanical Machining Department

This department performs the mechanical machining on valve and reducer bodies and manufactures some critical components on dedicated machines.

The processes are carried out on special CNC transfer machines, multi-center with numerical control machining and with automatic handling robots.

This department has been implemented with the aim to guarantee the quality and precision of the mechanical machining and especially to assure the maximum flexibility and the production capacity necessary to properly fulfil the variability of the markets’ demands, in order to be able to promptly respond to all customers’ requests.

R&D Laboratory and Quality System

In our R&D laboratory, we perform air leakage tests, at low and high pressure, under thermal excursion conditions included, overpressure tests, combined force/stroke tests, operational tests, chemical compatibility tests, life tests, flow tests and other important tests to assure the quality of our products.

In the Quality laboratory, dimensional checks are carried out with 3D and 2D instruments, with real time data acquisition and related statistical processing; surface roughness tests and profile analysis are made by using optical 3D systems and 3D CNC (CMM).

Tomasetto Achille Spa Quality System is certified ISO 9001:2015; moreover our production is periodically evaluated by the homologation authority TÜV SÜD Czech s.r.o., according to the ECE 67 and 110 Regulations.