LPG Multivalves Model AT02

Homologated in accordance with the Regulation ECE 67R-01

Tomasetto multivalve model AT02 for LPG tanks is homologated in accordance with the European Regulation ECE 67R-01 and is equipped with all safety devices as per the current regulations requirements: pressure relief valve (PRV), pressure relief device (PRD), 80% filling limiter, solenoid valve, excess flow valve, non-return valve, manual (service) valve and level indicator. The highest flow rates provided by our safety devices (PRD and PRV) make the Tomasetto AT02 multivalve a leading product in the market. Severe and several bonfire tests performed by the most important tank manufacturers have been brilliantly completed.Two different versions are available in our range: Standard and Extra Version.
STANDARD: with 6mm outlet fitting
EXTRA: with 8mm outlet fitting and larger internal passages
AT02 Tomasetto multivalves are available for 0°, 30°, 90° cylindrical tanks, for 30° internal toroidal tanks and for 0° external tanks; upon request, versions for special tanks are available as well. They are supplied with electrical wire for coil connection, sensor holder and mounting accessories bag MVAT3223 or MVAT3225,without filling point.All Tomasetto multivalves are manufactured through high-tech processes and 100% tested and calibrated.
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Material Hot forged brass Hot forged brass
PRV Setting 2,7 MPa (27 bar)** 2,7 MPa (27 bar)**
PRD Setting 120 ± 10 °C 120 ± 10 °C
PRV Flow rate 23,4 m3/min* 23,4 m3/min*
PRD Flow rate 4.4 m3/min* 4.4 m3/min*
Inlet connection G 1/4″ G 1/4″
Outlet connection M10x1 pipe Ø 6mm M12x1 pipe Ø 8mm
Coil power 11 W 11 W
Coil voltage 12V DC *** 12V DC ***
Coil connection Faston – AMP superseal (for toroidal 0°) Faston – AMP superseal (for toroidal 0°)
Solenoid valve type Normal Piloted
Excess flow valve yes yes
Automatic 80% level stop yes yes
Outlet manual valve yes yes
Level sensor level sensor holder level sensor holder

* Values referred to the homologation tests
** different settings available on request
*** 24V DC upon request